Welcome to the AWEA Membership Page. You don’t need to be a rider to be a member of AWEA. Anyone who is interested in horses and riding in general is welcome to join. In fact we’re always looking for helpers at competitions because there are many tasks which require additional person power, so extra pairs of helping hands or administrative skills are always appreciated. AWEA members have plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with other equestrian enthusiasts.

Membership is open to juniors, seniors, families or singles – regardless of what size, shape or breed of horse you’re interested in. Members are given full access to our excellent range of facilities.

Affiliated Clubs Membership

If you are a member of an affiliated association such as BDSJC or AWARC  you will receive a 50% discount on your yearly membership.  Junior pony club members (18 or under) are also eligible for a 50%.  For family memberships you will need to complete the name and date of birth for junior riders.

Day Membership

If you are travelling through and would like to ride or work your horse at AWEC you need to become a day member.   Day Membership link  complete the name and address page, the arrival and departure dates on the stabling page and then merchandise page.

All memberships are processed online via Nominate.  Please note that AWEA membership does not include any personal protection insurance. Before completing your on-line application please ensure that you have read and understood the following documents:

Memberships Prices for 2021 (January 1 to December 31st 2021)

  • single $145
  • family $215
  • non-riding $55
  • junior $85
  • day membership $20

For memberships taken out after July 1st 2021

  • single $109
  • family $162
  • non-riding $27.50
  • junior $42.50

AWEA Membership Link